Claes de Vreese

Claes H. de Vreese (PhD) (c.h.devreese [at] is Professor and Chair of Political Communication and Scientific Director of The Amsterdam School of Communication Research ASCoR at the Department of Communication Science at the University of Amsterdam. He is also Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Journalism at the University of Southern Denmark. He is the founding Director of the Center for Politics and Communication.

His research interests include comparative journalism research, the effects of news, public opinion and European integration, effects of information and campaigning on elections, referendums and direct democracy. His research is funded by several science foundation grants, including VENI and VICI grants from the Dutch Science Foundation, as well as grants from the EU research programs. He has received awards for research from the International Communication Association, the Danish Science Foundation, and the Norwegian Holberg Foundation. He is a member of the Young Academy of the Royal Dutch Academy of Sciences (KNAW) and the Board of the KNAW’s Council of Social Sciences.

He has published more than 100 articles in international peer-reviewed journals, including Communication Research, Journal of Politics, Journalism Studies, Political Communication, Journal of Communication, Public Opinion Quarterly, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Scandinavian Political Studies, European Journal of Communication, West European Politics, European Union Politics, Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly, Mass Communication & Society, and European Journal of Political Research.

He is Editor in Chief of Political Communication and he serves on the Editorial Board of several ISI ranked journals. He reviews manuscripts for 40+ journals in communication science, political science and European studies.